slowing down for the season | bring back the calm

I just kind of felt like writing tonight. Just one of those nights where there is a heavy load weighing on my mind and I cannot seem to shake it. Lately things have felt a little off. Mostly inside my soul. I don’t know whether to blame the weather, or some type of imbalance of chemicals going on in my brain, but a change is in order. That is a must. Continue reading “slowing down for the season | bring back the calm”

when you want to be super mom

Like most of you, I want to be supermom. I want to do it all and have it all. But in reality, most days I’m tired, and most days I’m super pumped and proud of myself when I put a bra on.

But I want to be the perfect cook. I want my son to eat healthy. I want to be the perfect educator for him. I want to get straight As in my nursing clinicals. I want a clean house with continuously fresh linens. I want to be able to go out with friends. I want to take care of myself.

I want I want I want. And that’s all great. And that’s OK to want everything, why should we limit ourselves? But sometimes we set this unobtainable goal, and sometimes we have it in our minds that we have to be perfect. But we are perfectly imperfect, and I think if we give it our all, we can find a happy balance. And we will be supermom not because we did it all, but because we gave it our all. Mamas: we work hard and we deserve a happy life. So here’s a few tips to get you started.

  • Balance + prioritize: major key to making this all work and tying everything together. I use a calendar I got from Michael’s and it has done me wonders. Not only does it have absolutely adorable stickers, but it really helps me plan my days and weeks and months. It helps me see the big picture, and to focus on what needs to be done at what times. But most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to push things back whenever I am feeling over loaded or overwhelmed. Every day I write down three important things I want to accomplish for the day and I focus on doing those. That way I feel good about myself, and also I can slowly get important things knocked out each week.
  • Do a little day by day: I spend 20-30 minutes a day cleaning, about 30 minutes a day prepping or cooking food, and the rest goes to Owen and even more feels like it goes to school. I trg to clean when I can. I even clean when I’m showering, I mean it totally works. I have an all natural cleaner that doesn’t need to be rinsed, and it’s safe to use around me so I spray that baby all over the walls and wipe everything down while I’m showering. When you see something that needs to put it away, do it. Don’t set your stuff on the floor when you walk in the door. I forgot where I heard this from, but it’s called the one touch rule. If you set your jacket on the chair, you’ve touched it once. And then let’s say you moved it to the couch, that’s twice. And now you finally hang it up. You’ve just touched that item three times to get it where it needed to be. Everything needs to have a place so you can easily put it away. I balance school work by having a daily routine. Every night I dedicate 4 hours to my studies after I put Owen down to for the night. During the day I try to throw a load of laundry in, and the next day I try (and when I mean try, I really try) to put the clothes away. But I know it’s more important to get my work done before having the perfect house. Priorities. Also, having a glass a wine is up there too.
  • Understand your limits: I¬†think this is extremely important because we tend to push and push until we are burnt out and to the point of exhaustion. If you know when you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ll be better able to handle stress and health. I can get overwhelmed pretty easily, so I usually know when it’s time to take a step back. Some nights I find myself straying away from studying, playing on my phone. That’s when I know I should just quit for the night. I think when we self assess and really focus on not hitting our max-out point, we can better go through the weeks being a healthier and happy mom. And in return, our children will really benefit from this.
  • Stop multitasking: try to focus on the task at hand instead of doing a million things at once. I use to think it was better to get everything done half-assed than to get the job done really good. But I found that half assed jobs really don’t last, but focusing on one thing at a time really keeps me from having to do it again.
  • Allow yourself to just be: as Buddah has said “what we think, we become”. Focus on present awareness, mediate, exercise, and put your phone away. Focus on just being in the moment. So you have to clean out the fridge? Try to just enjoy it and don’t feel like you belong somewhere else. Stop worrying about the future and focus on what’s going on around you at that moment in that time. Stop outside to smell the flowers and hear the birds chirp. Look around, the world is beautiful. You are not needed anywhere else. You are needed right here right now in this moment. Tune into it. Don’t see life as chore. Don’t plan everything because it’ll never happen. Set obtainable goals for the future and then let it go. If something is bothering you before bed, write it down and let it go. You are needed for sleep, not anywhere else. Do you get what I’m saying here? That you are needed in the present moment. Look up present awareness, it’s one of my most important goals. I want to be able to be in the moment, because right now, it kind of feels like my mind is always somewhere else. What can I do? What should I be doing? Sometimes I am even playing with my son but yet stressing in my head, when can I get a break to finish all that needs to be done? How far off from nap time am I? That sounds horrible, but that is just how my mind works. It’s a wheel spinning round and round and driving me nuts. You are not needed anywhere but right here right now. Keep reminding yourself of this.

I hope some of these tips help you ūüôā I’m not perfect and I’m still working towards a happier + healthier me, but that’s always going to be the case. It’s always been about the journey.

Hang in there mamas!


spending time with nature | bring back the roots

I spent time in a forest today, skipping along a sun-filled path towards beautiful tall trees that were gently swaying with the breeze. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t skipping, but it was so nice outside that I felt like I was.¬†It was a February day, but in no means did it feel as such. It felt light, bright, the way the first few days of Spring feel. I was wearing a jean dress and white flats. As soon as we got there, I had come to regret my white shoes. Mud. All over. But there is something so fresh and freeing about doing things you shouldn’t. Continue reading “spending time with nature | bring back the roots”

secrets of motherhood | tips for becoming a successful & organized mama

I love the idea of starting the new year off with cleaning & organizing.  Why not dedicate these next few cold, wintry months to spending a little more time Рin between those warm cups of coffee and cozy blankets, of course Рto revamp your motherhood lifestyle? Here are 10 of my favorite easy tips I use to keep every soul in my home happy + healthy.

  1. establish a routine-¬†essential to the flow of the day and keeping my little one able to predict what’s next. Children thrive off of structure and routine. But remember to be flexible too, because some days you really do just have to go with the flow. You know what I’m saying, mama.
  2. have a space to keep all of your essentials¬†– you need a space to keep everything organized, whether that be a desk or a command center. I personally use a desk that has all my essentials close by. I have binders specific to a few things I find important (like meal planning, recipes, emergency contacts, my son’s pediatrician and medical information, files for recent paperwork I need to quickly refer to, etc.) I also keep important camera equipment here, as well as a variety of basic office supplies. Michael’s has some great, inexpensive books that can keep every aspect of your life on track – totally not kidding!
  3. buy a planner + use it religiously¬†– I recently purchased my 2017 planner from Walmart and it was a whopping $8, compared to the fancy ones you’d find elsewhere. I did go to Michael’s though and I purchased a “Mom Sticker Kit” to use with my planner. It has 1500 stickers perfect for my motherhood lifestyle. Play dates, meal planning, workouts, appointments, family time. I mean how cute is the “motherhood is powered by coffee and love” quote sticker? ¬†‚̧ I think adding these little touches is what makes such a mundane task more beautiful and enjoyable. I check this planner daily, and although I also use the calendar on my iPhone while I’m out, I immediately¬†transfer what’s in that calendar to this one. Im always afraid my phone is going to get smashed (with the way I drop it), or crash, and then I’m going to lose all my important dates, events, and birthdays. But most importantly, I love that I can hold my planner in my hands. Paper and pen would never go out of style if we’re up to me. Write, and add your own personal touches. In no time, you’ll ¬†find joy in the ordinary everywhere you go.
  4. “have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” ~William Morris | always keep a donation box somewhere in your home. Try to fill it up regularly. If you bring something into your home, it’s probably a good idea to bring two things out of your home. Clutter takes away from motherhood in a sense that you will spend more time cleaning than you would with your little ones. And that’s just not very happy or healthy for all included.
  5. use Sundays to relax and to prepare for the upcoming week – and whether that’s meal planning, or prepping meals ahead of time, do whatever you feel will help guide you through the work week. Set out clothes you want to wear that week, and try to make yourself have less things to worry about during your busy days.
  6. eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep – if mama’s not happy, no one is going to be happy really. Us mamas in a sense are like the glue of the home. Take pride in this. We contribute in ways men can’t, and vis versa. ¬†Take care of yourself and you’ll see that you have more energy to take care of the ones you adore.
  7. have a nighttime routine – put a little end table next to your bed to be filled with books. Drink sleepy time tea, unplug, write in a gratitude book or you children’s baby books, make out your to do list, and make sure to star the top three most important things you want to get done for the following day. This keeps you on track and powers the next day with focus and direction.
  8. research. study. learn. & grow – i always dedicate a little time to engulf myself into hobbies that benefit my family. Lately those include things like home apothecary, gardening, canning + preserving, essential oils, & DIY projects.
  9. use Pinterest to become an organizational mothering guru –¬†I get so motivated while browsing through Pinterest. I particularly love how much dedication there is to organization and ideas to simplify my life. And how so¬†many other people love this kind of stuff too.¬†I feel empowered when I can do things myself, and when I can find safe alternatives and DIY’s to products I don’t want to use in my home. If there are ways out there to make my life easier, happier, healthier and more peaceful, I want to discover it, learn it, and grow from it.
  10. Follow other mothers on Instagram to get motivated¬†– { with the understandimg that what you see is certainly not always what you get, and comparison can be the thief of joy } with that being said, there is an incredible community of mothers on Instagram who offer amazing advice and snapshots into how they keep the flow of theirs homes, and what they keep at the heart of it. Don’t be afraid to indulge a little into the lives of others, and to check out what other people are up do. Do so with caution. Always remember that you are your own person, what may have worked for them may not work for you, just be authentic in the process and you’ll find that you will learn and grow from this. Sometimes I find some really amazing ideas through these mothers. And sometimes I realize I’m not so different after all. And that motherhood is an adventure, scary at times, but nonetheless the most amazing adventure. And in a way, we are all in this together, so spread some love – you never know what it could start.

What are your favorite tips to becoming a more successful and organized mother? I would love to hear from you!