• Nate & Heidi 09/27/2019

    Nate & Heidi 09/27/2019

    Nate & Heidi’s beautiful wedding Read more

  • Apple picking

    Apple picking

    It has been cloudy + rainy for over a week now, so it’s been bumming us out a bit! Today we decided to pick some apples and get out of the house for some genuine fresh air. Every time I come to this farm, I feel so at peace. Something about nature and the physical… Read more

  • magic


    “Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person enough comfort to just be themselves” ~Atticus Read more

  • 28 things I wish I knew

    28 things I wish I knew

    In September, I’ll be turning 28. Birthdays are starting to feel a bit different now. I’m not dreading them, but time is feels like it is just slipping, and I feel older lately. Chat with a person in their 40s and 50s and they will laugh, saying oh, you have so much time dear. You… Read more

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