How I Schedule my Nursing Rotating Shifts

I’ve been dying to make this post because it’s taking me months to figure out what works best for my rotating schedule- days/nights. Right when I accepted my position, I immediately went online to find more about how nurses sleep + juggle life. I couldn’t find anything specific, so I thought I’d write some things …

What To Bring To Your First Nursing Clinical

So your first night of clinicals is here! Yay! You’re probably feeling a mix of emotions – anxious, excited, maybe even a little scared. Maybe this is your first time being a part of a healthcare team. It’s OK to be all those things; in fact, it’s totally normal.

Head To Toe Assessment – Free Printable

Hello new nursing students! This one’s for you! I got you! One of the things that completely freaked me out was doing my first head to toe assessment on a real patient. Now, most of my classmates already work in the health field as LPNs or NAs so this was no biggie for them; but …

my first year of nursing school | tips, feelings, and other thoughts

Nursing school is a lot different than anything I have ever done. Having a BS in psychology, I have a solid college education. But nursing school is challenging because it integrates critical thinking + real world problems and situations. It is more than just exams, though those can make or break you. Critical thinking may …

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