• dirty hands & dirty feet

    dirty hands & dirty feet

    ¯ I was thinking today while my son was taking a bath, and something dawned on me: my son doesn’t get dirty enough. Some times we get all caught up in these Pinterest-looking houses, that we forget that’s not always real life. Real life is trailing mud into the house because you were running in… Read more

  • black & white adventures

    black & white adventures

    Isn’t there something so simple & magical about black and white photographs? It’s as if they make time stand still even more than a photograph already does. Frozen in place. It makes you believe that our days are never ending, that we get to stay forever in this calm, infiniteness magical moment. Where there is… Read more

  • slowing down for the season | bring back the calm

    I just kind of felt like writing tonight. Just one of those nights where there is a heavy load weighing on my mind and I cannot seem to shake it. Lately things have felt a little off. Mostly inside my soul. I don’t know whether to blame the weather, or some type of imbalance of… Read more

  • when you want to be super mom

    Like most of you, I want to be supermom. I want to do it all and have it all. But in reality, most days I’m tired, and most days I’m super pumped and proud of myself when I put a bra on. But I want to be the perfect cook. I want my son to… Read more

  • when our hearts ache with anxiety

    There’s been a lot of times lately, where my heart just feels like it cannot hold more. Hold more love. Hate. Pain. Anxiety. Doing anything requires double the amount of energy because I have to spend so much time in my own mind. And forget about trying to have anyone understand. And in the rare case… Read more

  • spending time with nature | bring back the roots

    I spent time in a forest today, skipping along a sun-filled path towards beautiful tall trees that were gently swaying with the breeze. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t skipping, but it was so nice outside that I felt like I was. It was a February day, but in no means did it feel as such. It… Read more

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