• wrapping up the winter season | warm your belly meatloaf

    Today was filled with a run to the good ol’ fashion laundromat. Matthew and I are still waiting to buy our washer/dryer. We are hoping to have that checked off our list this weekend. This is the third week I’ve gone to the laundromat, and while it’s kind of tough dragging along a very enegertic… Read more

  • when our hearts ache with anxiety

    There’s been a lot of times lately, where my heart just feels like it cannot hold more. Hold more love. Hate. Pain. Anxiety. Doing anything requires double the amount of energy because I have to spend so much time in my own mind. And forget about trying to have anyone understand. And in the rare case… Read more

  • facebook detox | healing mentally for 30 days

    I decided to start the new year off with something I have been dying to do now for quite some time: I gave up Facebook for the month of January. And here’s what happened: I realized and remembered that quality of relationships is so much more important than quantity | we’re only human. We seriously… Read more

  • 2017 | love your soul

    I’m in love with new starts and seasons. The feeling of opening a fresh new planner for a fresh new year. I love seeing January’s dates bare and ready to be filled with exciting events, plans, and beautiful   organization. I adore these simple pages because I always have been, and always will be, a… Read more

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