• Microblading healing day by day + my experience!

    Microblading healing day by day + my experience!

    I did a thing! I had my eyebrows microbladed! I wanted to show the full process of microblading because I obsessed over it before I decided to get it done and then again after I had it done. The whole process is so much more than seeing someone’s before and after results. I’ll be honest,… Read more

  • february detox | a month of soul-searching & cleansing

    I am so very excited to share about a huge cleanse I will be doing for the month of February, cheating, if you will, because February only has 28 days, but I will be doing a rest & retreat for a month that includes all things related to re-centering myself, finding focus on things that… Read more

  • a playlist for a long ride

    I wanted to make a playlist that meant something. A long kind of ride playlist. The kind where the road is the only thing ahead of you. Where thoughts fill your mind and music makes you wander. I wanted something that hit the soul and gives you all the feels. I especially love it for… Read more

  • the four people you will meet

    There will be four very important people you will meet in your life. But of course, there will be many more important people in your life, but these four in particular will forever change you. They will help you grow, shape you. They will make you stronger. Some will be gentle, some will be harsh.… Read more

  • pros & cons of moving from your hometown to a new state

    pros & cons of moving from your hometown to a new state

    ^^ Sweet home Chicago  A long, long time ago…just kidding, just like three years back really 🙂 I moved away from the only home I ever knew, sweet home Chicago, 800ish miles away to the East Coast (first VA & now I’m somewhat nestled in PA). When I think about these experiences, it brings out… Read more

  • will/can ’13 Reasons Why’ increase or decrease suicide?

    What a show to watch. My first opinion is that it was very well written, directed, and just one of those shows you cannot stop watching. You go on with your day, but in the back of your mind you keep thinking, when can I get back to it? And you keep thinking about Hannah. The young,… Read more

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